Drink and Walk Straight

Nov 10, 2023 | Christian Living | 4 comments

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Camels are loyal creatures capable of walking across sandy terrain with feet firmly planted. They are also capable of drinking fifty-two gallons of water which is stored in their bloodstream ensuring hydration for many days of difficult travel.

We can be like camels as we show loyalty to our Savior. We will walk through dry, hot, sandy deserts, but freshwater ensures we walk straight and stay saturated as we follow Jesus Christ.

Beware, the enemy sets traps along the way, so watch what you drink.

Social drinking seems harmless but God warns: strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise Proverbs 20:1. Proverbs 23 pronounces woe, sorrow, contentions, babblings, wounds, and redness of the eyes for those who tarry long with wine. It will bite like a serpent and sting like an adder. Proverbs 31 says wine is not for kings and princes so perhaps it’s best to abstain from strong drink when in leadership especially if professing Christ. Strong drinks may lead to perishing lives and heavy hearts.

Noah drank wine after the flood and lay exposed before his sons. Lot’s daughters provoked their father into a drunken state and committed incest. King Artaxerxes drank for days and hastily rid Queen Vasti of her position to please his peers. Herod drank with his friends and promised to grant his wife’s dancing daughter anything she pleased, which was the head of John the Baptist.

Drunk driving may take the lives of others, leave people addicted, and steal livelihoods from families. The potential problems aren’t worth the risk.     

Ever wonder about Jesus’ wine? I can’t believe Jesus disobeyed God’s words of warning about strong drink, and the vessels were filled with water minus grapes. There was no time for fermentation resulting in an intoxicating concoction but rather a new wine bringing life to the wedding guests. Perhaps this is a picture of living water freely given to all who drink. Why drink wine when the Savior gives the Holy Spirit to fill us for service and to guarantee everlasting life?

The camel fills itself with water for daily sustenance. Let’s surrender to Jesus who occupies us with His Spirit to sustain us as we journey through this life refreshed daily. When Jesus seals us with His Spirit, we are equipped to take the gospel to the lost and dying world and we are prepared to spend eternity with Him.

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit.

 Ephesians 5:18


  1. Katherine Pasour

    Water is our most healthy drink to maintain a healthy life. God granted water to us in His creation and blessed us both with water to drink and His living water to save us through the salvation we are given through Jesus. Thanks for pointing out the dangers of alcoholic beverages.

    • Lisa Robbins

      I needed the reminder to drink more water. I’ve been slack. I know my alcohol dangers came across a bit strong but God gave the warning.Thank you for reading and commenting Katherine.

  2. Candyce

    Many lessons to take from this post. I’m so glad I like water. Many find it hard to swallow without adding something. That’s probably from years of conditioning.

    • Lisa Robbins

      I need to drink more water but glad I’ve drank the living water.


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