The Role of Women

Mar 8, 2024 | Christian Living | 6 comments


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In the past few decades, we’ve seen the influx of women who preach in the pulpit, hold leadership roles in the church, and lead the home. Are these practices Biblical?   

Many opinions and much debate have been at the forefront of the church with terms coined to use while discussing this controversial matter. Complementarianism holds to exclusively male leadership in the church and the home, biblical patriarchy extends that exclusion to the civic sphere as well, so that women should not be civil leaders and indeed should not have careers outside the home. Egalitarians believe in a form of mutual submission in which all people submit to each other in relationships and institutions as a code of conduct without a need for hierarchical authority. Which view does the scripture support and are there biblical accounts to validate or dispel these views?

I’ll list some examples of women and their roles in the Bible as follows:

*Adam and Eve were on equal ground in the garden. God communed with both of them until sin brought defined roles. Adam was to work. Eve was to have sorrow giving birth and her husband was to rule over her. She’d been deceived by Satan and needed protection.

*Jochebed boldly hid Moses and placed him in a basket.

*Hannah gave Samuel back to God as she promised. 

*Deborah was a prophetess who judged Israel. She was the fourth judge alongside Barak the fifth judge. She suggested going to war against Jabin king of Cannan. Barak agreed to go to war if she’d go with him. They did and as she prophesied Sisera the captain of the enemy’s host was killed at the hand of a woman.  

*Esther was chosen as Queen of Persia to lay her life on the line to deliver God’s chosen people from destruction.

*The virtuous businesswoman worked while caring for her household, her husband, and her children.

*Lydia made and sold expensive purple fabric.

*Dorcas sewed clothes for the needy.

*Priscilla worked alongside her husband Aquilla and talked doctrine with Paul.

*The Samaritan woman witnessed to the men of Samaria.

*Jesus took time to heal the woman with the issue of blood while Jarius waited for his daughter’s healing.

*Jesus admonished the woman taken in adultery and the woman with the alabaster box in the presence of prominent men.   

*Joanna and the two Marys’ ran to tell the disciples of Jesus’ resurrection. 

It is clear that God LOVES, VALUES, ADMONISHES, and USES WOMEN! But what are the Biblical guidelines for their role?













  1. Angela Scheffel Garvin

    Clever….a cliff hanger!!

    • Lisa Robbins

      I had to use a cliff hanger because I got carried away with the lesson! lol

  2. Katherine Pasour

    Thank you for highlighting some of the many contributions of women described in Scripture–some as evangelists, some as leaders, some as workers for our Lord. We all have a purpose in service to God. I look forward to Part 2.

    • Lisa Robbins

      Katherine, I’m sure thankful God uses women aren’t you?

  3. Candyce

    Women have always played a valuable role in ministry. I just watched the amazing story of Cabrini and how God used her weakness to serve the most vulnerable among us – children.

    Looking forward to your thoughts next time!

    • Lisa Robbins

      I’m from a small rural town where there are constricting beliefs that hinder women serving. My call requires public expression of my faith and I must obey. Ive heard of this movie. I need to watch it! I do believe we women have genetic characteristics to reach the vunerable in our socitey.


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