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A cross between a horse and a donkey, the mule has a reputation for a stubborn attitude. On the contrary, it is less stubborn than the donkey and less frightened than the horse. Mules are easily managed work animals willing to pull their share of the load.

The false assumptions toward the mule occur in human minds as does the judgment we often cast upon others. It’s so easy to state what we would do in someone else’s circumstances. If we observe a parental situation in public we might say, “If that were my child, I’d wear him out!” Maybe that child has a disability, such as Autism, or the parent is struggling to learn how to discipline. Perhaps sister so and so lives with a man that you cannot tolerate. “I’d leave him,” or “I wouldn’t put up with that!” might be our adamant exclamations. Or perhaps we observe a marriage where one is more verbal and the other speaks few words. It might not be best to assume who is most dominating in the marital relationship. Home matters are often private and misunderstood by onlookers.

Maybe the drug dealer or the addict continues to practice their destructive behavior. We have a stance to not tolerate such loathing action, but no one is above living a life in the bondage of Satan’s trap. I try to remember that when I see someone strung out in our community. It might frighten us for God to unveil where we would be without the gift of walking in the Holy Spirit. Sin may take many into deep depravity that can only be overcome by the saving grace of God.

I’m reminded of the woman taken in adultery, brought before the religious crowd, and accused with critique. She was guilty; however, her counterpart wasn’t present. The whole story was left half-told. Jesus challenged the accusers to cast the first stone if they were without sin. They left one by one.

Like Jesus, and without excusing sin, we can show compassion and understanding while counseling with truth. Winning sinners to Christ and fellowshipping with saints requires a heart for loving others like Christ loves us.

The misunderstood working mule faithfully pulls his load. Let’s continue working for our Lord, even when others misunderstand our intentions, motives, and ministry works. One thing is certain, Jesus knows our mind and heart, and at the judgment seat that is all that will matter. We won’t stand for those ready to cast stones, but we’ll stand before a thrice Holy God. That concerns me most. 

…He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. John 8:7b



  1. Candyce Carden

    I’m working to overcome the sin of judgement. Thank you for the insights you provide.

    • Lisa Robbins

      I think we all constantly work on this sin. I speak to myself more than anyone else when I write these posts.

  2. Katherine Pasour

    When I was a child, we had a mule. She had the best disposition and was obedient. I’d compare her personality to a faithful witness for Jesus. Loved this thoughtful and inspiring message, Lisa. Thank you.

    • Lisa Robbins

      Thank you Katherine. I’m enjoying your insight for my posts as your farming experience brings light to these messages.

  3. Phyllis Winningham

    Sin is a never ending battle.while we are on earth.Never will be perfect until we lose this earthy flesh and gain our glorified body

    • Lisa Robbins

      Yes, our flesh constantly copes with sin. Love you Aunt Phyllis.


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