About Lisa

About Lisa

Hello, I am Lisa Robbins and I live in rural Tennessee with my husband Michael. My role as a wife, a mother of three, and a nana to three, brings me great joy! I am a born-again believer, a faithful church member, a Bible teacher, and a writer. I believe in sharing God’s word with others because His truth holds the power to change lives. My favorite hobby is hunting vintage treasures and up-cycling some of my finds!

I spend most days praying, reading, writing, exercising, cooking, cleaning, and spending time with my family, notably my grandchildren. I hold family in high regard as I believe it’s every wife and mothers greatest ministry.

God called me to write twenty years ago, but due to our three children in the home, a part time children’s ministry, and a full time job, my writing journey was delayed. I left my job five years ago to actively pursue my call to write.

 I publish weekly devotions on this site and in our local newspaper, Fentress Times. My devotionals, short stories, and Bible articles have appeared in various on-line sites and compilations. Currently, I am polishing picture book manuscripts and writing a devotional book for women. I write weekly radio spots, Word of Truth for Women that air three times daily on WDEB 103.9 FM.

Connecting with women and children in my community and beyond, through ministry outreach, through media, and during conferences is fitting to my mostly extraverted personality. In my spare time I browse in local thrift stores or thrift stores in nearby towns. Garage sales and estate sales intrigue me and vintage markets are delightful! Who knows what unexpected treasures await?

Please join me on my journey as I share God’s truth for His glory. Certainly my life, and yours, will change.

Thank you for stopping by my site,

Lisa Robbins

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